Old vehicle = old stereo.  Old stereo = old music formats.  Old music formats = rediscovering forgotten music from one’s youth.  Ohai, Tears For Fears.

Roland Orzabal.  All I’m gonna say is, any guy capable of writing the lyrics he does deserves all the panties thrown at him.   Intelligent, thoughtful, interested in psychology, kind of a feminist – okay, a little goofy-looking* but y’all know I dig that – pretty eyes and great hair.  Why did I not notice this when I was 16?

Oh yeah; Peter Tork, that’s why.  (Why, hello again, Monkees; we got reacquainted this time last year with Davy’s passing.)  Peter.  Sigh.  That dimple!  The swingy blond hair, mischievous eyes and bright smile.  And that dimple.  It deserved its own show.   He was in his 40s by the time I discovered the show in syndication, but I didn’t care.   I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he’s much smarter than the character he played (see above re:  intelligent and thoughtful) but the sweetness, I believe, is innate to both Peter the character and Peter the man.   Did I mention the dimple?

Ho-oh-ohh-oh-oh-ohhoward Jones.  In a word, eccentric.  Odd-looking, kinda hyper, British.  Just my type.

Mick Hucknall, whose voice still has power over me.

“Our” music shapes us, no matter when we take possession of it.  It encodes itself into our DNA and helps make us who we are.  It’s how we explain ourselves to ourselves and how we try to explain ourselves to others.  But for teenage girls, good music made by cute boys has a little extra mojo.  Hell, the music doesn’t even have to be good if the boy is cute enough.

And with that, I’m off to go “read it in the books, in the crannies and the nooks there are books to read!”  ♪ ♥ ♫


*This is a dirty lie, and I don’t know why I told it.  That man is hot as hell.   We didn’t have MTV when I was a kid, and it’s a good thing because if I’d ever seen that video with him in geek glasses reading the paper in bed, I’d have done groundbreaking work in the field of celebrity stalking.


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4 responses to “Soundtrack

  • Veronica

    Lots of “yes, I agree with you there…!”

  • fanaticalhypocrite

    I also really loved the Monkees growing up. Being the late 90’s, this put me fairly out of step with the rest of the world. But, if you’re a couple steps behind the times, you’ll know when to stop when everyone ahead of you goes over the edge.

    I just looked up Peter Tork to see if he was Norwegian because his name sounded Norse (it’s short for Thorkelson – didn’t really need it spelled out after that) and I have a whole name etymology obsession. I noticed in his early life page on Wiki that he was born at Doctor’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. I always loved that name for a hospital. Makes me want to build Untrained Amateur’s Hospital. Maybe when it was built, having actual doctors was a valid advertising point.

    It was a sad day when it really sank in that all the bands I loved had broken up between 10-30 years before I was born. Strangely, the Stones survived corporeally, occupationally and popularly. I suspect some kind of witchcraft is involved on that one. Some day a picture of them back when they were a 16th century minstrel band will surface and prove me right.

    • pc&si

      Speaking of the great bands breaking up, I owe Tears For Fears an apology and another blog post – turns out they never went anywhere and have carried on making some really stellar music that nobody seems to know about. And here was me cracking ’80s jokes on Facebook, like a philistine.

      That’s as valid a Stones theory as I’ve ever heard; perhaps some of these days they’ll bust out their rockin’ cover of Greensleeves and lend it credence.

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